Wednesday, April 28, 2010

7 Extra ordinary Artists and 36 Paper artworks

Paper artwork is something one thinks of a sheer waste of time and possibly an unwelcome source of revenue (rather cheap). But designing is taking into new forms with origami paving way for these colors and curves. These do find their place in the charts of excellence and among the cover designs of books and albums. Creating an idea and designing it with paper, I believe, needs courage in addition to creativity.

I am actually afraid as the undo key is not available here and much of my efforts may go in vain if I try one of these. The X-factors should play the perfect role to make it come attractive. The fact is that you can find much unattractive ones in the net. So selecting the best is simple but rather time consuming, though only a few create such ones. So here are a few selection of mine.

1. Yulia Brodskaya at Artyulia

2. Carlo Giovani and at Flickr

3. Andrea Russo Papercraft at Flickr

4. Jen Stark

5. Boveylee

6. Zim and Zou

7. Charles Clary of Paper Extravaganza

These artworks would not be of any use unless they find their right place. The ones featured above have been covered enough. So do forward your artworks and popularize them.


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