Saturday, May 1, 2010

7 Step Transparency Effect Poster Design Tutorial

I would love to share one of my recent creations with you. It was a poster for the release of a magazine in our college. Though not so perfect in any sense, it was a work which took just several minutes from a day. And I believe it is not that bad either.
So I had earlier decided that my next poster or brochure would be something based on the transparency effect. The inspiration behind this was the simple picture shown below, just the difference in its tones. It was much more beautiful than what I had done (but I had to move on with a theme background for the magazine).

The steps are simple

  1. Choose a background which suits your idea
  2. Make necessary corrections (especially make it bright)
  3. Draw a black colored rectangular area of your choice over the background after creating a new layer
  4. In the ‘Layers  window’, adjust the transparency of the square
  5. Now pen down your texts over the translucent region
  6. ‘Merge down’ the text layer to the translucent rectangular layer (from Layer menu tab)
  7. Using the ‘Magic wand’ and ‘Delete’ button cut out the letter so that the background layers are visible through it (thinks there would be better solutions to this problem. But after all, I am not an expert in Photoshop)

Now you have got your poster ready to be pasted

This especially works better if the background is colored bright enough. Dark backgrounds work better with a grey translucent bar. This simple poster can save a lot of your time, without compromising on the design part. I invite any better ideas like this or suggestions regarding that text editing as I have been learning Photoshop only through trial and error. I don’t think I need to provide the PSD, since these 7 steps are much easier than you can imagine. But you can download the background image from here...



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