Sunday, April 4, 2010

Funny Print Ads: Humor+Inspiration

I had been through the whole net to find these funny ads that would make you cry laughing. Humor, humor and just humor is what is meant in these pics. Nothing is indecent, explicit, rude when it comes to humor and I think these may prove the fact. O'er to the fantastic ads that caught my eyes. And most of these are award winning too. Check out and do comment your favorite as well as share the post with your friends.

Flexigel fresh: Aquafresh

Be Careful: Bose

Be Stupid series: Diesel

Wide Angle Lens: Omax

Dog Toast: Lifebuoy

Don't Kill the Blockbusters: Bigflix

Do not Miss it

2100W Vacuum Cleaner

EPhone Internet access

Face Detect series

Face Detect 2

Feel When Playing Rugby

Do you Remember?

For Less Complicated Mornings

Smile Capture 1

Smile Capture 2

Smile Capture 3

0-100km/h in 8.4 sec

Kagatani Knives

Jumbo Peanuts Choking

English at your Reach

The Real Milkshake

Bad Food; Bad Dog

Waiting for you


Short Films only

Steady Shot

Check your vision

The other Side of America: Queer

Don't Let them Get Comfortable

Reality Sucks

Olympus Optical Zoom

Wake UP

No Insects Left

Advance Yoga Training


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