Tuesday, April 20, 2010

40 Must See India Photography: Colours and Culture

Going through the Smashing Magazine Edition of the India special photography series, I thought it would not be a crime copying the idea and creating a similar post. After all I am an Indian and I have seen enough of it to introduce before my readers. India for centuries have been believed to be the land of fakirs lying on nail beds, street magicians and snake charmers. But I have never been able to witness any of these so called 'common' sites in my entire life. Here are the colors and culture of India that makes it all too attractive and important to me. Celebrate.

Lets start the journey

The Sikh fervor

Village hut

Holy Waters

Buddha Smiles Here

Roof top Clothes line: NGC

More than Indian by Steve McCurry (must visit)

Kite Eye View of India: BBC

A narrow view: Symbol Photography

Rock fort: NGC

Kathakali Trainees: NGC

Burnt with Colors

The Himalayan Adventure: Thanks to my friend Shiyas Bashardeen

Riding the fort

Virgin Island: Andaman

An Elephantine Bath: Kerala


Chattrapati Sivaji at Night

Varadarajasamy Temple

Juma Masjid Delhi: Voted as the third most beautiful

Lamayuru Gompa: Above the skies

An Indian Wedding

India Incredibly ours

The Munnar Hills: The southern abodes

Kerala Fishing Trip

Diwali: The Festival of Lights

Chinese Fishing Nets at Kochi

Chirrapunji: The monsoon heartland

The Lotus Temple

Cricket: The most popular religion here

A Temple Shrine

And what without the Taj

Though I am not at all satisfied with the number of photos, its high time to stop here. Surely continuing as another series. Do check out the National Geographic Channel India photography page.


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