Saturday, April 3, 2010

Winter Olympic Poster Evolution 1924-64

Poster designs have evolved over the years. Movie posters would be something every designers would be more familiar with through which Darwin's theories become evident. But this time designskool is arriving with another of its exclusive inspiration collections. A complete list of the Winter Olympic posters. These have not been much stressed or many in the tropics would not have noticed them even. So getting you into the designer ski slope.

1924 Chamonix
The first official Winter Olympics, showing more of a connection between the winter event and the summer one which is to follow it and being hosted by France itself.

1928 St. Moritz
For the first time Winter Olympics is being held in a different country as the Summer event. Featuring the peaks of the Corvatsch Spiz and the Swiss as well as Olympic committee flags.

1932 Lake Placid
In the midst of the Great Depression, there was great difficulty raising money for not just posters, but anything. A poster featuring the USA in the backdrop with Lake Placid in view.
1936 Garmisch-Partenkirchen
The twin Bavarian towns are hosting the 4th edition Winter Games. And the poster shows nothing but a Skier giving a Nazi salute. 'Jews are not welcome here' posters paved way for this poster, but was boycotted by Austria and Switzerland for other reasons.

1948 St. Moritz
After 12 long years Winter games survived with glory and St. Moritz held the pride of hosting the first post-World war games.

1952 Oslo

A poster selected by competition. This one shows the two flags being hoisted over a ski pole. More than 15000 copies were printed.

1952 Cortina de'Ampezzo
A view of the Italian host city as well as the National and International Olympic Committee symbols which forms the emblem of the event also.

1960 Squaw Valley
 The Chairman of the Pageantry Committee in charge of the opening and closing ceremony was none other than Walt Disney. Olympic emblem in the foreground with a snow field in the backdrop.

1964 Innsbruck
 Another poster selected from invitation-only competition designed by a professor of research into graphics. An Olympics rescued by army for the lack of snow. Poster featuring a half snow flake.

Wait for the next series and meanwhile select your favorite...


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