Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Exhaustive collection of Free Business Card PSD Template Downloads

This is one of the easiest thing in designing. But you can make it more complicated as your creative ideas grow. But it becomes too easier when you have the whole template with you. Just download these templates and you have your personal business card with you. Leave the contemporary styles and do the new and be the new. So without much talk, moving on to the designs.

Stylish Business Design
Layout Dimensions: 2.25×3.75 inches
Business Card Dimensions: 2×3.5 inches
Resolution: 300dpi

Seextwood Business card Template
3.5×2.5, 300Dpi, CMYK

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Excellent Signatures and tutorial for creating them

Graphics on a smaller scale is graphic signatures. Hence it can be attempted by beginners as well as experts in the fields. How about giving a list of the signatures that I found wonderful from among the millions. And if you want to learn more about them, follow the links or this forum: Layeredgfx

Abstract Signature
Learn how to create a detailed signature using several filters and effects.

Abstract Walkthrough

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Facts and Figures through graphics: Interesting and inspiring infographics

Being presented as a part of my last post on newspaper, infographics needed a wider coverage and a bit of detailing. Since newspapers, web-portals and even governments are adopting it as a form of mass communication the question of relevance is unnecessary. Continuing on my inspiration season posts, do read this one or as a matter of fact just view this one. From the countless number of infographics here are the few I found which could be inspirational as well as useful.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Newspaper Designs: The best of two worlds

I have never thought newspaper as a target for designing. But I understood that all my predispositions were misplaced when I recently came across a Behance article. It was about redesigning one of the popular newspapers which I read daily and spans whole 16 pages into a single page paper. Though I have ogled a lot about the projects for the architecture and designing students, I was really astonished with this creative endeavor (may be I haven't seen enough of the design web). Anyway please do have a look at the project: Behance:Express-Newspaper

As usual rest of my day was finished in finding the best of newspaper designs around the world and I have found a few. The ones that touched my tastes are listed here. Do comment on the ones you like and the ones you have found elsewhere.

Awarded the Europe's Best Designed Newspaper which can be called the Oscar in Newspaper design. The use of easily comprehensible graphics is adopted as you can see in the online newspaper from the site of this Flemish paper.
Dm in Award-Winning Newspaper Designs

Saturday, August 7, 2010

20 Awesome Text Effect with PSD and Tutorials

Always thought about modifying your logo, banner or poster. Here are a few simple steps by which you can change the just simple looks. Those creative artists have done everything for you, you just need to follow suit as per the instructions provided. Take up the challenge and it will never leave your time unworthy. I have read most of my basic Photoshop and Flash lessons just by redoing those instruction may be a number of times till everything works out. Click the links and go to the websites.

1. Rusty Text

2. Bloody vein text

Friday, August 6, 2010

The Art of War: Hiroshima Day Special

August 6th, 1945. The date is etched in our minds and without much introduction travel through these images and photographs which tell the story of a people, of generations, of a war, of a rebirth, of a revenge and of the world. They will tell you that graphics can speak and graphics can act. Click on the images for links to the original sites.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

25 Selected Typography Design Sets

Typography is in itself a revolution and in general one in the field of designing, and meanwhile a revolution is currently going on inside the typography sector too. The ideas and inspirations has been ever circulating with widespread digitalisation of the designs. I would like to share with you few of the most revolutionary ideas in the typography sector. Play with the words, but ultimately select the best. Click on the images for the links.