Wednesday, March 24, 2010

An Indian housewifes' tryst with graphic designing

A woman could not have grabbed the attention of more than a billion viewers over the net. She had used graphic designing to its limits to make bucks for her creator. Though sidelined and never acknowledged to be a part of the better designing world, she made it through.

The all too conservative Indian national dailies could not ignore this skinny lady and was wordful when they praised her as the 3rd most influential woman of last decade in India. A position coveted by many a hardliner politicians and social activists was ruthlessly taken away by this erotica icon- Savita Bhabhi. There goes all it was. The name raises the eyebrows, though great to view it in private, a public conversation would bring forth the word taboo.

The viewership of this graphic erotica stories is beyond imagination with stories written in almost all major Indian languages. No other online comic produced in India is at such a position to boast off. It is among the 100 most viewed sites in India according to Alexa rankings. She may be the only hardcore porn star Indian men could name. Meanwhile there are plans to project the life, death and after life of Savita Bhabi over the silver screen.

It would be unwise to promote such contents here and I prefer you searching Google for this Above 18 category.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Burn your Desktop with Colors: Brilliant Wallpapers

Colors could be attractive, colors could be addictive, but colors could be destructive too. Here are some of those wallpapers which have reached the limits. The proportions of colors are in such a way that any imbalance would make these absurd. That just does not mean that these are on the lower end. These were the best I could find.

Here’s some really stunningly colorful wallpapers I have recently bookmarked. Enjoy the post!


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Free Summer Floral Vector Downloads

Try the exciting summer floral vectors.
1. Summer floralvector 1

2. Floral Vector 2

Wordpress Premium Blogger Themes Free Download

Its time that I start uploading those wonderful Blogger converted wordpress themes. I had tried each one of these for my blog and was too confused to select any. To make your selections more confusing and gruelsome, here are a few premium Blogger themes. You can also get the original Wordpress template download links here.

1. Zexee
A surely sexy theme for fashion and personal portfolio blogs
Theme Name: ZEXEE
Version: 1.6
Author: Aravind Ajith
Author URI:

Women's fashion Vector collection freebies download

A free doodle vector collection. It would be of immense use in designing for ads and commercial products.

Try out those chic clothing and footwears and experiment desinging one yourself. A thumbshot is also given here of.

Check out the blogspoon graphics for Downloading free vector graphics

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

6 Top Text Effects for Photoshop freaks

A few brilliant text effects caught my eye during my daily design browsing and I would not let them go before sharing. Here are the best available text effects for Photoshop fans.
These are available in PSD formats. Meanwhile take a look at my new header which surely has come from one among these.

1. Blue Retro Grunge
Full credits to the creator. Here are the links to webtreats blog: Download blue retro grunge text effect

Sunbursts for Designers: Downloads and Inspirations

Here are some of the sunbursts which might be useful in your poster designing.
They are made easy because:
- all images are in high resolution (1000px X 1000px)
- varied number of rays (10 rays, 20 rays and 40 rays)
- available in .PSD files (transparent background)
sunburstexample Freebies: High Res Sunbursts (Free Download)