Sunday, January 24, 2010

Concept background Designs Download

Here are a set of backgrounds that would be useful in your design portfolio works.

Black grungy design
A dirty black workshop design with yellow stripes over it.
Resolution: 4000×3000 px
Size: 3,38 MB
Format: JPG
Color theme: black, yellow
Keywords: grunge construction background with copy space, dirty black texture, graphic design textures
Author: PSD Graphics
grunge danger

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Blow away grungy business card template

A Business card that blows away ideas about contemporary sizes and styles and ready to attack your customer.
This is a great idea and your satisfaction is sure with this state-of-the-art business card. You may even modify this design to use it in a flyer.

Grungy Business Card Template

Holiday card vector graphics

Happy Holidays Card Free Vector Graphic Preview Image

 Here are some of the most beautiful vectors that you may use in your holiday greeting cards. These are suited for portrait oriented cards. Just download it. Get your brain do the rest.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

25 Best Movie Posters of 2009

2009 had been a good reel for the world of cinema and perhaps the adnexa around the industry. So a look at the movie posters of 2009 would give an idea about the contemporary style and design. Introducing the best 25 of the year 2009.
1. Cold Souls

Custom fonts on your blog

A really nice feature for improving even more your blog is to show custom fonts, that will not only make your website eye-candy, but will improve the typography of your webdesign.
I have found a really nice script for font replacement called Cufón. It allows us to use any font on our webdesign without worrying about whether the visitor will have that font on his computer or not. It is really fast, easy to use, and there is no flash or image required.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Type over a smooth glass Tutorial

A great type mode which I came across the net is here. Creating a smooth glass type is too simple than you had imagined. Downloading the psd file and modifying the typed font is enough for you to create this stunning
Here's a quick way to create some nice looking translucent glass type that'll work great on any background, made completely with layer styles.

Glass Text

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Laptop Jack Designs: Uniqueness counts

We would have never believed it a decade ago. If Dell offers black laptop and Mac a white one, you would have to get contented with that one. Now design is getting revolutionized. You may select your laptop or notebook from a vibrant array of colors and designs. And if you are not at all satisfied, or the cost seems to drag you away, there are pretty good options left. Just buy one of those customized designed stickers or laser engrave your mac and create a unique one of your own. Get that professional looking notebook of yours.

If you need a customization, but lack in confidence to design one; there are hundreds out over the net to help you. I will just guide you to them.

Dell online
You could get a customized skin buying directly from the Dell store. These are just some examples
Bunch O Surfers by Mike Ming
Sunburst by Mike MingRed Swirl by Mike MingSea Sky by Mike MingSeaweed by Mike Ming

Blossom up your lap
Its not just design. It is what you need to capture eyes. Gelaskin exclusives to choose from

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Top Twitter Backgrounds of 2009

The most popular word of the yesteryear was Twitter. We had been tweeting and retweeting and all that and a year of twitter has gone. But there is still  hope that it will catch up to any new arrivals for another year or so. Staying popular in twitter needs many things. Tweeting is the best and first, while the twitter page design would grab some audience to you. So if you are serious about tweeting through 2010, here are a few inspirational backgrounds which you could copy and modify to you wish.

Always do remember the following tips before you design.
  1. timeline background is always white
  2. menu bar background is always white
  3. footer bar background is always white
  4. logo is always the Twitter logo
  5. you can change text color, link color, sidebar background color and sidebar border color
  6. you can change background image and background color
  7. you can also tile background image
  8. the background image start position is always top left corner