Sunday, December 27, 2009

Creating the perfect Flash Presentations

Once acquired the basics of Flash, the first thing I did was to try make an animation sequence of my own. The first attempt thoroughly failed. I tried and tried and got tired of trying. So the next step was to steal templates and original ideas to create my ’own’ flash presentations. And wonderfully got a bit of applause for them. You could everything you need from the net. Be it Intro, Credit sequence, Presentation, Websites etc.
So let me introduce before you the different sources from where I got the templates.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Most Beautiful Christmas Wallpapers

I was searching the whole web for some interesting wallpapers to decorate my desktop this Christmas. And I am pretty sure I have found the right ones, which I soon became obsessed to. Here, are the ones. Try making a card out of these and that would be your homework for the holidays. These are hand picked exclusively for my dear readers as a Christmas gift.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The font we learnt to hate

I used to get frustrated while hopping through ‘the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog’ lists of my system fonts. Something you were very font of, something you might have used the most and this was the description of the Comic Sans font. But not any more I believe. I too have learnt to hate this cartoonish childish font like we hated China, Communism, Saddam etc etc etc. I cannot even remember the last time I had used it.
I do not understand the psychology behind this, but whenever I see someone projecting a Powerpoint presentation with the comic sans front anywhere on the screen, I fell frustrated. So would be a web page or article or video title. May be the font’s popularity and universality or its childish looks which do not fit anywhere have led to its own infamy.
This expression is shared by quite many people and hence the best way to avoid frustrating people with your designs is avoid comic sans font at any cost. I would be grateful if anyone could explain that sudden upstroke of hate mentality.
 quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog
quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog

quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog

quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog

Monday, December 21, 2009

Capturing film shots: The Almodovar magic

I have had no basics in film camera or editing though I have tried the latter. But I always have wanted to see films with good shots and cinematography. However good the story, animation or acting be, I never liked any film with filthy camera shots.Fortunately, this year I had the opportunity to visit the International Film Festival of Kerala which is a very renowned festival among the true film buffs and well known directors. It may be the only FIPRESCI certified festival presently surviving without screening films given for it on the basis of monetary rewards. So one is able to see the best of all worlds, independent films in the same numbers as those big budget ones. I have been hearing a lot about static and dynamic cameras throughout and has made friends with many a film students and cameramen.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Creating your own Comic Strip

I had always wanted to put down some of my photos into a comic strip and publish as a class magazine. But I had a lot of work at hand and was unable to take up the heavy work involved in this. I also did not have any orientation to go for it.

How to create a well to do Invitation Card?

If you have no time, no previous experience in photoshop or lag utterly behind in creativity or color sense, you do not have to worry. This tutorial will neither need any of these nor would anyway care for these.

I got this decent looking invitation card picture from somewhere on net and was pleased a hell lot with that. You could very well modify it to your need. It is better if you are following the same steps I went through in turning it into your custom invitation card. But I would not care if you download the psd (photoshop editable) format and just change the text.

Download the psd image from the link here and open with Photoshop

What this blog cares for...

I am not an expert in anything and I do not like to be one. For experts only teach and never experiments. This blog hence do not care for experts or novices, but for the beginners who would like to do simple jobs with their computers this may prove useful. I have not got training in photoshop or aftereffects or flash. I would better hang than reading all those tutorials. So here are the simple steps through which I took forward designing some of the decent items in my list. Check out