Sunday, April 10, 2011

Art for Japan: Wallpapers and Poster downloads

After the devastating earthquakes and enormous tsunamis that shook Japan, the whole art world stands with the country which has been a cultural inspiration  for millions around the globe. These are very few among the many, but being more thoughtful and artful found a place in the list. Even while the after tremors have disrupted the life of the people who have suffered the most, let these be an inspiration to the suffering and a motivation for the rest of us in extending our helping hands.

For you Japan....

Sunday, February 6, 2011

50+ Beautiful Arabic Typography Designs

Haven't you been narrow minded to believe typography is a business of the western world and you are the sole person taking care of the field. So was mine until these pictures and posters caught my attention. Calligraphy and typography is not so well developed in any other language and I think there is no other language where it could be well applied. The beauty of these Arabic letters is mind blowing and the designs are well manipulated that even if you dont understand the language its sure to catch your glimpse. The artistry and creativity threaded in the Arabic letters is being unleashed in this post.

Gorgeous Examples of Arabic Calligraphy & Typographic Art Pakistan Iraq Arab