Saturday, December 19, 2009

How to create a well to do Invitation Card?

If you have no time, no previous experience in photoshop or lag utterly behind in creativity or color sense, you do not have to worry. This tutorial will neither need any of these nor would anyway care for these.

I got this decent looking invitation card picture from somewhere on net and was pleased a hell lot with that. You could very well modify it to your need. It is better if you are following the same steps I went through in turning it into your custom invitation card. But I would not care if you download the psd (photoshop editable) format and just change the text.

Download the psd image from the link here and open with Photoshop

Designskool invitation card template

Here are the simple steps you are to do.

1. Download and open the image with Adobe Photoshop


2. Rub of the parts not necessary for you or you need to change (press the shape of eraser on the left side bar).Change the background color (select the back square among the two squares seen on the sidebar) to the background of your card by selecting the eyedropper tool and clicking a white area. The ‘invitation for you’ quote is excellent and you need not change that. Make sure you remember the styles, size and position of various texts in the figure.


3. Now click the text tool and type in your text alternating orange and black colors. Here is what I have created for my college convocation day. Thinks it is not that bad. Now you just have to print that.


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