Saturday, December 19, 2009

Creating your own Comic Strip

I had always wanted to put down some of my photos into a comic strip and publish as a class magazine. But I had a lot of work at hand and was unable to take up the heavy work involved in this. I also did not have any orientation to go for it.

Just a month ago, while browsing through one of the release sites, I came across a software which seemed a bit childish, but it could create a comic strip on your own. After I downloaded it, I became a comic addict and is now in the workshop for the next class magazine.

It is as simple as copying and pasting and writing down your own dialogues and thought clouds. No one can offer more than this. The final product is just as any other comic strip.

You could get a free trial from the website itself, but it is not the thing you need. Buy a full version software. I would never recommend you to download from torrent or direct download site though these are available in plenty! (Hope you got the meaning).


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