Monday, December 21, 2009

Capturing film shots: The Almodovar magic

I have had no basics in film camera or editing though I have tried the latter. But I always have wanted to see films with good shots and cinematography. However good the story, animation or acting be, I never liked any film with filthy camera shots.Fortunately, this year I had the opportunity to visit the International Film Festival of Kerala which is a very renowned festival among the true film buffs and well known directors. It may be the only FIPRESCI certified festival presently surviving without screening films given for it on the basis of monetary rewards. So one is able to see the best of all worlds, independent films in the same numbers as those big budget ones. I have been hearing a lot about static and dynamic cameras throughout and has made friends with many a film students and cameramen.

One film that captured me as well as the rest of the audience is the ’Broken Embraces’, the Spanish movie directed by Pedro Almodovar. It was a talking subject not because of any of the factors I mentioned earlier, but the really clean, colorful and animating shots which are characteristic of Almodovar. Penelope Cruz was awesome, but not more than Lanzarote, the beach island which captured everyone. The shots are so clean, tidy and well colored that one would never take eyes off the screen.

I could not get the most beautiful shots of the film as there is no way I can manage a DVD of it here. One must really appreciate the cinematography and editing. The scene where Penelope is crying and the tears dropping over a ripe tomato is truly great. The first time I have seen an audience applauding for a shot is that when the car passes through a straight road traversing the lunar like landscape of Lanzarote with interspersed greens. This is a must-not-miss movie for anyone interested in designing. Inspiration is sure to come behind you even if you do not look for it.


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