Sunday, December 27, 2009

Creating the perfect Flash Presentations

Once acquired the basics of Flash, the first thing I did was to try make an animation sequence of my own. The first attempt thoroughly failed. I tried and tried and got tired of trying. So the next step was to steal templates and original ideas to create my ’own’ flash presentations. And wonderfully got a bit of applause for them. You could everything you need from the net. Be it Intro, Credit sequence, Presentation, Websites etc.
So let me introduce before you the different sources from where I got the templates.

1. Template websites: There are millions and millions of websites from where you can get flash templates. Soon I intend to make designskool have links to those excellent templates. Those websites offering free and premium templates are fraudulent. The ones you get is totally useless. Better look for the good premium templates you coveted in the google search and you may wonderfully find a free upload somewhere. Some of the popular websites I like are Flashmo, Templatemonster

2. DVDs, CDs: You may find a great lot of CDs or DVDs that you buy or borrow, have some flash content. For example the flash content in the CDs of some product and service advertisements, encyclopedias and dictionaries, international organisation or medical education all would have unlocked flash content. This can be imported into your flash document and start work on your own. Many of them may be found locked. These grapes wont be worth jumping for.

3. Music: The best music or sound effects for your flash is available free of cost. I have not seen a difference between the premium ones and the free ones. As far as I have searched Eric Jordan is the one that would match your intros and preentations. Try eric jordan’s latest DJ mixes which are available free of cost. Surely you can grab some from the DVDs and CDs.

4. Fonts: Never use the common extra fonts (Jokerman, Comic sans etc.) on your system in a flash presentation. It would make your presentations not only unworthy but dirty enough. Download some of the standard fonts as well as those good styles which are freely available over net. Links to these would soon be available in Designskool.

These would be the least expensive and most economical ways of creating a premium flash show of your own. Please do add your suggestions and ideas below. Or if you liked this do share it with others.


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