Monday, May 3, 2010

16 Handpicked Architectural Wonders at Shanghai World Expo 2010

Fascinated by a TV news featuring Shanghai World Expo 2010, I had been exploring the country pavilions which are marvelous symbols of architectural beauty. With a theme of 'Better City, Better Life', most of them are one better than other. Though I have not yet intended to feature architecture in this design portfolio, it would be a crime not featuring these beautiful models. Check out the best of Shanghai and vote and comment for your best.

Turkey: Cradle of Civilization
featuring one of the first man built settlements and dams.

China: The Crown of the East
Interlocking Wooden Brackets, the architectural style of the Orient.

Malaysia: One Malaysia- City Harmonious Living
A tour through the landscape of Malaysia

India: Cities of Harmony
Rural and Urban confluence with inspiration from Buddhists stupas by Emperor Asoka. (featuring 360 degree screen)

Romania: Green City
The green apple highlighting green, health and city.

Sweden: Spirit of Innovation
Reflecting the cross on the national flag.

Israel: Innovation for better life
One of the best. A journey through Whispering Garden, Hall of Light and Hall of Innovations.

New Zealand: the Maori Story of Creation
Wedge shaped pavilion with a 1.8 tonne jade in its heart.

Japan: Breathing Organism
Harmony between the human heart and technology

UAE: Sand Dune country
Featuring a marvellous sand dune sculptural design.

France: The Sensual City
Floating with greenery

Denmark: the Little Mermaid
Inspired by the Little Mermaid statue in Denmark

Italy: Pick up sticks
20 modules inspired by the game

Bahrain: Small is beautiful
An arc shaped island

United Kingdom: the Seed Cathedral
Wrappers fallen off revealing the jewel

Spain: The basket
A hand weaved wicker basket

These are structurally as well as in concept dreamlike creations. But the fact that these would be brought down to sticks after the expo is nightmarish.


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