Saturday, August 7, 2010

20 Awesome Text Effect with PSD and Tutorials

Always thought about modifying your logo, banner or poster. Here are a few simple steps by which you can change the just simple looks. Those creative artists have done everything for you, you just need to follow suit as per the instructions provided. Take up the challenge and it will never leave your time unworthy. I have read most of my basic Photoshop and Flash lessons just by redoing those instruction may be a number of times till everything works out. Click the links and go to the websites.

1. Rusty Text

2. Bloody vein text

3. Watercolor Text

4. Supernatural Text

5. Text in Stitches

6. Transformer Text Effect

7. Wood Inlay Text

8. Patriotic Text

9. 3D Text Effect

10. Vanity License Plate

11. Destructive Black & White Lettering

12. Light and Shade Lettering

13. Retro Wavy Text

14. Glassy Text Effect

15. Stitched Label

16. Floral Type Design

17. 4D Text Effect

18. Splashing Ocean Text

19. Splashing Water Text

20. Ultra Shining Text Effect

That would be enough a trial for about a week or so. Rest of my selections would be soon on the blog and do wait for it and subscribe for it. Thanks for being a part of my blog.


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