Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hand Written Free Fonts: 15 Best Selections

With the advent of the digital graphics, nothing have gained as much importance as typography. It has been reigning over the rest of graphic media through this decade. It has been helvetica, helvetica and helvetica that you have been seeing all the while. 

What about a altogether different concept. Handwritten fonts are rarely used and good ones are rare to find too. So wouldn't it be better if I try to share a few of the best handwritten fonts available?

1. Allie writing

 2. Big Mister C

3. Breakfast at Michy's

4. Child's Play

5. Daniel

6. Dear Joe Five Casual

7. Honey I stole your Jumper

8. Jenny

9. Jinky

10. Journal

11.Nathan's Notations

12. Next

13. Popstar Autograph

14. Saginaw

15. Two Turtle Doves

Sorry, its been a while since I have posted. Surely, within a week the posts would be regular and much more frequent than you could ever expect. Please do comment and give suggestions regarding the post.


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