Sunday, January 10, 2010

Laptop Jack Designs: Uniqueness counts

We would have never believed it a decade ago. If Dell offers black laptop and Mac a white one, you would have to get contented with that one. Now design is getting revolutionized. You may select your laptop or notebook from a vibrant array of colors and designs. And if you are not at all satisfied, or the cost seems to drag you away, there are pretty good options left. Just buy one of those customized designed stickers or laser engrave your mac and create a unique one of your own. Get that professional looking notebook of yours.

If you need a customization, but lack in confidence to design one; there are hundreds out over the net to help you. I will just guide you to them.

Dell online
You could get a customized skin buying directly from the Dell store. These are just some examples
Bunch O Surfers by Mike Ming
Sunburst by Mike MingRed Swirl by Mike MingSea Sky by Mike MingSeaweed by Mike Ming

Blossom up your lap
Its not just design. It is what you need to capture eyes. Gelaskin exclusives to choose from

Signature VAIOs
Winter or Spring Limited Editions are still available for your choice. And do visit the site often to get the latest custom designs.

Stick it or peel it. As easy is that. Customize it when you need.

Abstract Circles Laptop Skin - Black

Computelicious delicious laptops
This is the extreme of customization. Check out and draw some inspiration.

 Designs to die for
Here are a set of designs, which you can customize for any brands of laptop. This is a must look into website.
 Mosaiking up
 Mozaikits are one of the prettiest designs available for your mac
  Ll in Laptop Sleeves, Skins and Stickers

 Pen touch
Need a design like this. Take out your coloring pen and do on your own. This has been done just like that.
 Laptop-58 in Laptop Sleeves, Skins and Stickers

 Take laser your way
Or else laser is here to help you engrave the writings or patterns on to its back.
engraved apple macbook pro for macworld 2009

Stoning it the special way
Take time to rhinestone your notebook to your tastes. Its simpler than you believe, but take your time.

Stickers would look nice. Sometimes...

Stickers in Laptop Sleeves, Skins and Stickers

But what if it comes this way...

Vaio1 in Innovative Designs and Devices
Vaio2 in Innovative Designs and Devices


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